Message-Driven Marketing
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Great brands embody a great message.

Across industries, many companies struggle to know what to say about themselves. It’s why jargon and industry speak is so pervasive, and why customers often can’t differentiate between competing products and services.

DFN | MKT believes you should cultivate clarity of vision and voice through discovery and internal reflection before creating campaigns or deploying and evaluating marketing programs. A great message flows through your brand identity, cutting through noise so your customers hear exactly what you’re saying.


Neeta Bidwai

Neeta helps companies redirect internal focus into external clarity.

She specializes in positioning, brand identity, websites, and strategic initiatives. Neeta enjoys collaborating with companies to effectively communicate with customers, prospects, and influencers by creating beautiful web/mobile platforms and insightful content anchored by a unique core message.

Based in San Francisco, Neeta has held senior roles at innovative, high-growth B2B and B2C companies in Silicon Valley, ranging from early stage to post-acquisition. She spent her early career as a political advisor and strategist. This formative experience cemented Neeta’s belief in the importance of developing and adhering to a core message to drive business results and growth.

When she's not working, you'll find Neeta in wine country or traveling to distant lands (preferably with vineyards).